Key populations living with HIV face stigma due to fear and ignorance surrounding HIV transmission; and stigma due to negative societal attitudes and perceptions that exist towards same-sex relations, sex work and drug use. In most regions the HIV response is not sensitive to the needs of key populations living with HIV. Standard HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services often do not include relevant information for key populations living with HIV to live healthy and dignified lives. Healthcare providers are uninformed or there are legal and policy barriers that make it impossible to discuss sex work, drug use and same-sex relations in a health care setting.

Help protect the children from HIV infection, and provide effective treatment to those infected.

Your donation has the ability to stop one of the largest epidemics in history in its tracks. The time to break down persistent barriers that hinder worldwide prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS is now.


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Carry Me Mama Foundation is centred on the one-on-one relationship between a sponsor and a child. At any given time, there will be hundreds of children waiting on a sponsor to change their lives. For these children waiting on a sponsor, they are waiting for so much more than a name. They are waiting for a person to demonstrate how extremely valuable they are.

As soon as they are registered with Carry Me Mama Foundation, children waiting on a sponsor are missing out on the most important aspect of child sponsorship i.e., the relationship between the sponsor and the child. This personal relationship is often the biggest thing that breaks the cycle of lacking in a child’s life.

Many children living in poverty experience loneliness, self-doubt or discouragement. The one-on-one relationship with a sponsor fights the lies of poverty and speaks loudly to the child about their value. Frequently a sponsor, through prayer, letters and even visits is the most effective way to show these children just how valuable and loved they are. 

Why wait any longer? View photos of children waiting for a sponsor. Sponsor a child in need today through Carry Me Mama Foundation’ sponsorship programmes.

Feed an Orphan

Help us raise funds to educate, feed and provide shelters for overflow numbers of street, orphan and vulnerable children under Carry Me Mama Foundation.

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